When implementing a cloud hosted VoIP or UCaaS solution, vendors aren’t able to fully implement without the proper documentation of your environment and management of many pre-implemenation tasks. Clients will need to consider who will own and lead completion of the following millstones and tasks required:

  • User Cut Sheets (List of Users, DIDs, extensions, SKUs, MAC addresses, etc.)
  • DID and Toll-Free Porting Lists
  • Porting approval forms for losing carrier (E911, LOA, RespOrg, etc.)
  • Network Diagrams
  • Coordination and Management of Site Network Readiness Test(s)
  • Phone Maps of Call Flows
  • Communications to Users and Leadership
  • Training Coordination for Users
  • Facilitate device and functionality testing for completion of vendor setup
  • Go-Live Facilitation and Support
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer of all operational and system administration policies, procedures and processes to client technical sponsor to establish accountability and responsibility for the operational product
  • Ensure all engineering and support documentation are completed and made available for each environment