Past Performance

Premier Mindset’s core competency is providing fractional and interim IT leadership to companies with a void:

Interim Leadership – A typical example of the interim leadership positions we fill is an interim CIO engagement for a small accounts receivable management firm. The engagement was over a three-month period and was presented when the company moved on and terminated the prior CIO. Rather than move too rapidly to fill the position or promote a resource on the team too soon, Premier Mindset was engaged to fill the position for an interim position, evaluate the current strategy, implement change and lead the team.

Fractional Leadership – Premier Mindset also provides fractional IT leadership services for companies that require a high-end experienced IT leader but not necessarily a full time resource. We have provided these services for a Crypto Currency Broker with a global reach.

HIPAA Security Assessment – Premier Mindset frequently conducts security assessments for clients using a variety of security frameworks. HIPAA, HI-TRUST, PCI, NIST are some common examples of the frameworks we utilized based on the needs and industry of the client. We conducted a security assessment for a mid-size clinical outsourcing company using the HIPAA Security Rule to assess their environment against relevant industry regulations and standards. The assessment included interviews with key personnel, internal and external technical vulnerability analysis and reporting.

Cloud Hosted VoIP Implementation – One of our more frequent engagements is the implementation of cloud hosted voice solutions. One such engagement for a mid-size medical device company implemented the solution for approximately 1800 users across 140 unique locations nationwide without any delay to project schedule. The implementation of took a full year and coincided with local network hardware refresh and physical phone deployment.

ServiceNow Implementation – Many companies leverage service management software to support IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM) facets within their business. Premier Mindset led the implementation of ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) module for a Fortune 500 healthcare provider. This implementation enabled facilities within the enterprise to order various software through a portal with a facility charge back feature. In turn, local facility IT leadership could deactivate licenses quickly as staff expands and contracts.

Active Directory Migration – Premier Mindset led an Active Directory migration for a Fortune 500 healthcare provider. The scope included the management of a program to develop a new corporate infrastructure for recent acquisition facilities and migrating user accounts to the new infrastructure.

Privileged Remote Access Implementation – Many enterprise organizations have a tough time managing vendor access to their systems. Premier Mindset managed the implementation of a Privileged Remote Access solution for a Fortune 500 healthcare provider. The solution, Bomgar, provided tighter controls and better monitoring of contractor accounts and access.